Creating Enduring Greatness

By jefflewis | church leadership

Feb 13

Creating Enduring Greatness

Is your Organization or Church moving from Good to Great? Is it Built to Last?

Well, we know Biblically the Church (Big “C”) is Built to Last, but not all organizations have the same guarantee. Even more so, local churches and businesses are closing their doors every day. Why are these organizations and churches closing, or even stagnating

Jim Collins presents that, “When you've built an institution with values and a purpose beyond just making money—when you've built a culture that makes a distinctive contribution while delivering exceptional results—why would you capitulate to the forces of mediocrity and succumb to irrelevance? And why would you give up on the idea that you can create something that not only lasts but deserves to last?”

Why are these organizations and churches closing, or even stagnating to the point of strangulation by decline?

The key may be found within a mix of closed-mindedness, no real ideas for growth,

warped values and a lack of any serious leader development.

Ideas are powerful… Values can be solid… Do you have traction, and can you gain momentum?

Check out this keynote at Claremont Graduate University using some of Peter Drucker’s timeless principles.

Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.

If you don’t really know the story, while going through the motions as a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Jim Collins was moved with an idea. Trust me, Collins had a very distinguished professorship, but ideas can be powerful when they gain traction and momentum. Anyway… a mentor of Collins’ rubbed a conceptual idea off on him that life could be a work of art. Following this, the Jim Collins leadership and managerial research, which included the books “Built to Last” and “Good to Great,” began to take flight.

This was all stemming from a powerful idea that entrepreneurship could be not only a business idea, but a life idea.

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