Who is JJ Lewis?

Hello… Thank you
for visiting this website.

My name is Jeff, a
good number of folks call me “J.J.”

Just so you know
why you are here…

I am
actively in ministry each and every day… Throughout many setting and various
arenas. From churches to the business marketplace to nonprofits and most
anywhere. I have had the opportunity to preach all over the United States and beyond.
In addition, I have had the honor of working with many different churches,
ministries, and organizations all over the globe.

I am
from Chatsworth, Georgia… And Chatsworth, Georgia is also where my home is.

have been some of the most exciting days that I have experienced in ministry of
late. Not only has the Lord been working in my life and my family’s lives, we
are on the verge of witnessing our community change… In the last few years we
have seen literally hundreds upon hundreds of individual lives changed and now
are excited for what the Lord is doing, and is going to do here in my home

the boardroom to the ditches we are privileged to see men and women from all
walks of life discover who they genuinely are in Christ. Whether they are
shackled by addiction or in prison to their own material lives, Jesus can
rescue them.

have a ministry that is super focused on preaching and building disciples and
leaders at every level. This focus moves through the individual, to the home,
and then to the church. Think about it, our churches will be mirrors of the
individuals and homes.

just in case you were wondering, I am currently trying to finally finish a
doctorate degree (PhD), and I have an earned master’s degree with an emphasis
in pastoral ministry from Temple Baptist Seminary, as well as having completed
my undergrad degree at Tennessee Temple University also.

have an awesome wife, Tracy, which the Lord allows us to serve together as a
team in ministry, and our family shares the common goals to live on mission
with God, grow spiritually, and to tell as many people as possible about Jesus
Christ and the new life that can be experienced through knowing Him.

In Christ,