Your Faith & Your Job

Written by on 07/01/2014


Your Faith & Your Job

How often does your leadership training address what happens outside the walls of your church?

In today’s postmodern and post-Christian society and culture the view of work and a person’s career has become both something of an identity, and to even some it has become an idol. Think about it, when you strike up a conversation with someone usually one of the first few things that is offered up in the communication is: “so, what do you do?” or “where do you work?” Do Christians even know to Whom they really work for?

From this perspective, God usually gets placed in the backseat and a person’s vocation and career has become priority number one.  Even more so, relationships with other people are often placed in the backseat with God as well. In this, the understanding that usually flows through the mind is, “will I get promoted for this?” or “will I get fired for this?” In this, the stance is usually pushing God far from the center of life.  There is no real understanding there in this point of reference.

 To wax eloquent for a moment, I’d like to push a Latin phrase that I stole from a preacher/philosopher from days gone by, Anselm, with: fides quarens intellectum.”

What it literally means is: It means “faith seeking understanding.”

What we have today is a serious lack of understanding about how a person is supposed to have God at the core center of everything in their life, and this includes work, careers, and professions.  Even more so, the local churches are doing little about it. I reckon the command to make disciples must not fall in the area to work and vocation.

From a biblical point of reference, the perspective pushes that worship and work are interconnected. God desires for people to be reconnected to Him and He desires to be the center core of everything. In the Old Testament Hebrew, the words worship and work have the same root word. In this there is the very literal sense of to work or serve. Rick Warren puts forth that Work becomes worship when you dedicate it to God and perform it with an awareness of his presence.” From the perspective of the Lord, there is value and honor in work, both to the person working and to God.

Think about this:

God desires to be the very core of every aspect of our lives. This includes what we do every day. If the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life, this includes what you do for a living as well.

 Remember: “fides quarens intellectum.”

“Faith seeking understanding,”

 To go a litter further… this is an an active love of God seeking a deeper knowledge of God.”

If all your doing is believing on Sunday while sitting in the pew during the service and not living your faith out in the workplace, then your cutting your faith off at the knee, so to speak. Seek to believe so that you may understand and that you may glorify God in all you do, drive forward more, and have the influence that point to the Lord Jesus Christ.

When people are able to understand their work as both worship and an essential part of their ministry, transformation is taking place in more places than just the church house.

You’re taking the church with you everywhere you go…

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